Hey, B2B Construction Industry Business Owners

Get the Results You Crave by Aligning the 3 C’s.

The Unexpected ultimate sales formula
Unexpected Sales Formula -Looking credible - Being clear and consistent
  • You look and sound amazing
  • You’re easy to understand
  • You’re easy to refer
  • You’re easily remembered
  • You have a competitive advantage
  • You have shorter sales cycles
  • Your sales team is happy

Stop undermining
your sales & marketing efforts.

You have good products and services...but so does everyone else.

What most firms don’t have is their 3 C’s dialed in, and they end up struggling.

Don’t be like most firms.

First impressions matter...a lot.

We all make split-second judgments when researching companies.

Am I in the right place?    Can they help me?    Are they credible?

Do they see you as...

Am I in the right place?
Can they help me?
Are they credible?

Are you...

The Babbler

You’re consistent & look credible, but your message is not clear.

Brand identity, positioning, messaging for B2B Companies

The Flake

Everything looks great & you’re clear but not consistent.

Being clear and looking credible isn't enough

The Risky Bet

You’re clear & consistent, but everything looks like hell.

Being clear and consistent isn't enough

The Ultimate Unexpected Sales Formula

1. Say the right thing.
2. Say it everywhere consistently.
3. Look the part.
Sounds easy, but it’s not.

Branding, Web Design & Marketing for the B2B Construction Industry

“They are the perfect blend of strategy, bluntness, creativity, and give-a-damn.”

APEX Surface Care banner design

“The outside perspective we needed for our double rebrand”

We interviewed a few firms in Dallas and one from NY that had rebranded a colleague, but Tracy was the only one who demonstrated a desire to find out what we really needed, what our sales team needed, and what customers wanted.

Thomas Holland, CEO,
Corporate Floors & APEX Surface Care

BEC Austin General Contractor Logo Design

“I’m so happy, I want to put our new logo on everything”

They thought through the rebrand from our customer's point of view as well as mine, finding ways to improve how I maintain the site. I really love everything about the new website. It helps our sales team by being easy to navigate and highlights our skills.

Jen Donovan, BEC Austin
(formerly Bailey Elliott General Contractor)

Taylor Iron Machine Works Metal Fabrication Brand Identity

“From the first call, I knew this was going to be amazing”

I've been through rebrands before and was expecting the same old waste of time and money. Boy, was I surprised. 

The rebrand fits our expansion plans perfectly and makes my job so much easier.

Bob Holmquist, VP of Sales,
Taylor Iron Machine Works

There are 1,256,724 Design & Branding Firms in the USA.

Okay, we totally made that up. 

But there are a lot, and most will sell you a pretty website and tactics, bypassing the critical first step of strategic planning.

That’s not how we roll.


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