Going Beyond the Surface

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aspirations for a strong brand

What you need to know before attempting a rebrand

The terms brand, branding and rebranding are thrown around a lot these days and the concepts can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. If you are feeling this, you’re not...

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have boundaries you will

What does Yoda have to do with protecting your ass(ets)?

You have insurance for the hard assets, but are you protecting your soft assets? Your employees, your loyal client base, your family and most importantly your personal give-a-damn? You may...

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where do I start?

Do you care about what prospects think of you?

For a lot of companies in the commercial building trades, their website gets put on the back burner for more urgent demands. Before they know it, it’s been 4 or...

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invisible in the market?

Why are you invisible when you know you’re a badass?

You know your company does amazing work. So why aren’t you dominating your market with amazing sales figures? You have great referrals and repeat customers but new prospects aren’t knocking on...

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have you become a commodity

How to avoid the fate of becoming an accidental commodity

Brand devolution, accidental commodities… what the hell are we even talking about?! Well, this week I wanted to chat about something that happens way too often to good companies that...

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overwhelm shutdown

Know when it’s time to tell a troublesome client goodbye

Every opportunity comes with a cost. Some opportunities cost too damned much by taking an unacceptable toll on your staff morale and your profit margin. Some people in this world...

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brand truth

Nobody cares about your baby – and 6 other branding truths

Figuring out your brand can be daunting. It can be scary to look at your business – and I mean REALLY look at it. If you’re not sure if you’re...

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