A Strong Building Needs
a Solid Foundation.

Your Business is No Different.

Create your Brand Foundation
Develop your Brand Foundation
Develop your Brand Foundation
  • Look credible online and off
  • Say the right thing
  • Say it everywhere consistently
  • You’re seen as meaningfully different
  • Know how & where to market
  • You have a competitive advantage

Who the Hell Are You and Why Should Anyone Care?

You have good products and services...so does everyone else.

You’ve been in the industry for a long time...so have many others.

You have a great team...yep, so do most firms.

Find the answers you seek.

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The Brand Foundation Program

Realigning your brand starts with clarifying who your firm is today, who you were built to serve, and defining a visual and verbal personality that differentiates and positions your brand in the marketplace.

Let’s be honest. If this was easy, you would have done it already.

*Upgrade to a full identity rebrand available upon request.

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Our process creates your visual and verbal brand personality.

It will then be applied to your website and all of your marketing.
Applying your brand personality IS branding.


The Brand Foundation Program

Here’s how you can make sure if The Brand Foundation Program is the right fit for you and your business:


  • Everything is outdated. Nothing is clear or consistent. And you’re tired of it.
  • You are envious of the firms that look polished and in control. You want that.
  • You are worried about being bypassed by inferior firms that look and sound better than you do.
  • You’ve expanded or pivoted in your business, and your brand no longer fits. You have a brand wedgie.
  • You want to make everything easier by doing the work to build a foundation for your brand.
  • You have a big anniversary coming up, and it is time to refresh and update the brand.
  • You are merging or acquiring a new company and need to redefine and consolidate the brands.


  • You want magic beans to fix your broken business.
  • You’re fine with the way things are.
  • You want to rebrand because you are bored.
  • You think branding is for fortune 1000 companies, and it isn't necessary for your firm.
  • You don't have the budget, the time, or buy-in from the leadership team to do this right.
  • You already defined plan and don't want a strategy partner, just a tactical executioner.
  • You just want to duplicate what your competitors are doing.
  • You think all you need is a pretty website because none of this matters.

Here’s what you get

Brand identity, positioning, messaging for B2B Companies

Expert Insight

Brand identity, positioning, messaging for B2B Companies

Defined Strategy

Brand identity, positioning, messaging for B2B Companies

Unified Voice

Brand identity, positioning, messaging for B2B Companies

Refreshed Brand

Brand identity, positioning, messaging for B2B Companies

Goodbye Bland

You deserve to look & sound like
the badass firm you are.

We help firms in the commercial building industry focus on the long-term strategy of brand building and creating a position of strength in the market with a great website and being clear, credible, and consistent.

“They are the perfect blend of strategy, bluntness, creativity, and give-a-damn.”


The power of personal branding

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