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What is a communication strategy and do I need one?

Do you feel like your customers just don’t get you? You’re not alone. It comes down to that old cliché of miscommunication (duh, right?). Ok that might sound obvious, but hang in there & we’ll show you how to connect with your audience.

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My sources are telling me I need a new site

Why a new website won’t solve your problems Your competitors are doing really well right now. They’re beating you in sales, they have more customers and, oh yeah, their website is brand new. That must be the reason they’re getting so many customers through the doors, right? The new website. They must’ve spent thousands of dollars on it and it really makes them look professional. How do you compete with that? By getting a nice shiny new website too – of course! One that looks exactly like your competitors and you spend a fortune on it, so it must bring in some seriously big contracts, right? Wrong. Hey, I’m not saying a new website can’t get you more sales. I’m sure it will, for a little bit. The website is your digital headquarters and it is a crucial part of building a modern business. It’s pretty much a necessity, and…

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Is your brand out of alignment? 1

Is your brand out of alignment?

If we looked at the messages on your website and compared that to the ad campaigns, brochures, social posts and what your sales team is saying in the field, would it be cohesive? Or is it all a bit disjointed? The speed of business has increased and the workload on each team member has increased as the world becomes digitized and so many channels of communication are out our fingertips. This is where confusion can sneak in and we all know it loves to wreak havoc. Taking a step back and looking at everything your firm is communicating (visually, verbally and experientially), is vital to keep your brand in alignment. The complexity of your business model can make alignment harder and even more important. Let’s look at the basics of how your company’s communication engine works. How do marketing, branding and business goals fit together? I’ve written about what a…

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Stop throwing good money away on random acts of marketing 5

Stop throwing good money away on random acts of marketing

Are you pumping your hard-earned cash into digital marketing but not seeing your bottom line increase? Advertising online is a great way of gaining exposure for your company quickly – but it doesn’t guarantee a return on your investment. It doesn’t guarantee customers through the door and it doesn’t guarantee your money problems are going to go away. Here’s the deal, marketing gets you awareness, that’s it. If your message is the wrong one or it’s watered-down to appeal to everyone, that awareness you paid for, is wasted. If you’re not seeing a good return on your marketing efforts, you need to ask yourself why. Are you finding your company is: Having a hard time standing out? Struggling to get traction against your competitors? Competing on price more and more? Being seen as just another vendor by new prospects? Getting bypassed for new companies that don’t know their stuff like…

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The Difference Between Marketing and Branding 7

The Difference Between Marketing and Branding

I was having a coffee date with a girlfriend who works for one of the biggest general contracting companies in the city and she came out with this show-stopper: “I think our CEO will have a hard time seeing the value of branding – they see marketing as a cost center, not a driver of sales.” Wait a minute, what? How did we go from branding to marketing in one sentence like that? How can you confuse the two? Well, that’s easy to say when you’ve spent the best part of the last 25 years devoting your work life to crafting amazing brand experiences for the A/E/C sector. Taking a step back, I realized this is a pretty common problem – a lot of people don’t know the difference between branding and marketing! So, without further ado – I’m here to explain the difference between the two and why it’s…

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Do you have an authentic brand inside and out? 8

Do you have an authentic brand inside and out?

Brand management is essential. The expectation you set (brand promise) needs to authentic and align with the customer’s actual experience. Let’s take a quick look at a recent outing I went on with my son – he is in middle school and has been really stressed out lately. Telling a baby teenager to unplug and relax, maybe even meditate is a tough ask. So we decided to go extreme and try out a sensory deprivation floatation pod. We were both pretty excited to float for an hour in the dark with no distractions. We get there and step into this super chilled out lounge – we’re talking relaxing music playing gently in the background and a soothing aroma as soon as you walk in the door. Everything about the place oozed calmness and tranquility. From the decor to the smell, to the super-chilled guy at the desk. Mr. Super-Chilled explains…

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what is rebranding

What is a rebrand?

The terms brand, branding, and rebranding are thrown around a lot these days and the concepts can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. If you are feeling this, you’re not alone! What you need to know before attempting a rebrand There is a lot of jargon out there that doesn’t really explain what rebranding is or what a good rebranding process covers. So, we’ve put together this guide to cut out the unnecessary crap and help you navigate through all that indecipherable advice online and get to the facts you actually need. But first, let’s start with some definitions. What is a brand? The most misused term in marketing. A brand is the definition people hold in their mind about your company and the products/services it offers. It’s a collection of emotions, senses, and memories. A brand is built in two ways: by what you tell people and by what…

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common website mistakes you can avoid

Common website mistakes that tell prospects you don’t care

A lot of companies in the commercial building tradesput their website on the back burner for more urgent demands. Before they know it, it’s been 4 or 5 years since their website and marketing materials were updated. Unfortunately, your potential clients can see and feel this as soon as they visit your website, and this makes it look like you just don’t care that much. Think about it: how many solid sales leads go cold after they research you online? Your Biz/Dev team are working their butts off trying to make connections and close deals, only to be undermined by the outdated website…they deserve better. Your firm deserves better. You deserve better. What impression does a prospect get when they visit your site to check you out? Is it the impression you want to project? What can you do to improve a potential client’s perception of who you are and…

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invisible in the market? Identify your branding issues.

Are branding issues causing your company to be invisible?

You know your company does amazing work. So why aren’t you dominating your market with amazing sales figures? You have great referrals and repeat customers but new prospects aren’t knocking on your door. But are you stuck in the low bid nightmare of RFPs? Do you struggle to attract new employees? But, deep down you know you’re a badass firm! You might have branding issues. Hell, if you’re on this blog you already have a feeling there might be a problem with your brand or your branding. Most people use the word brand to refer to their company as a whole or their logo, but what I mean here is the definition people hold in their minds of your company and the products/services it offers. Everyone has a different brand perception of your company, including your clients, prospects, employees, competitors and your community. It’s like a personality that they assign to…

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avoid brand decay and becoming an accidental commodity

Has your company become an accidental commodity?

Brand decay, accidental commodity… what the hell are we even talking about?! Well, this week I wanted to chat about something that happens way too often to good companies that can end up becoming invisible and destroying their business. (ominous music plays) Brand decay. So, what is it? Brand decay is a de-evolution that happens when a company stops paying attention to its brand positioning/diffraction and focuses only on the features of their products and services. Over time, the essence of the brand (how we are different and why should you choose us) gets muddled and the company starts competing on price more and more. And then they become JUST ANOTHER VENDOR. Yes, those dreaded words that strike fear into the heart of even the longest established contractors. Ok, so – picture this: You’re busting your ass day in, day out – working hard to keep your customers happy. You’ve…

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