Going Beyond the Surface of Your Brand

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Why are prospects not understanding how awesome you are?

Do you feel like your prospects just don’t get you? Do they not see the value your company provides, no matter how many times you say it? If they did, they would be beating down your door to hire you – but they aren’t. Is your message wrong? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. This is a problem every business has to deal with – not just in the commercial construction industry, but in every industry around the world. Communicating what you do and why it matters to prospects, in a way that matters to them, should be simple.  So why is it difficult to actually do? It seems so clear when we say it. We get it. We think everyone should get it, but often our message isn’t being heard the way we intend by our audience. We can blame it on miscommunication, or timing, or maybe even the marketing…

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avoid brand decay and becoming an accidental commodity

Has your company become an accidental commodity?

Brand decay, accidental commodity… what the hell are we even talking about?! Well, this week I wanted to chat about something that happens way too often to good companies that can end up becoming invisible and destroying their business. Brand decay. So, what is it? Brand decay is a de-evolution that happens when a company stops paying attention to its brand and focuses only on the products and services they provide. Over time, the essence of the brand gets muddled and the company starts competing on price more and more. And then they become JUST ANOTHER VENDOR. Yes, those dreaded words that strike fear into the heart of even the longest established contractors. Ok, so – picture this: You’re busting your ass day in, day out – working hard to keep your customers happy. You’ve got a base of loyal clients that have been coming to you for years. Your…

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overwhelm shutdown

Know when it’s time to tell a troublesome client goodbye

Every opportunity comes with a cost. Some opportunities cost too damned much by taking an unacceptable toll on your staff morale and your profit margin. Some people in this world you are meant to serve, and others, not so much. It doesn’t make either of you bad. They will do great work with someone, just not you. And that is ok. Do you know what your ideal client looks like? Do you have that persona mapped out? Have you written down what your firm is for and against? What is acceptable and what is not? Have you identified your company’s core values? If not, it is really easy for ill-fitting clients to find their way into your corporate house to wreak havoc. One bad-fit client can damage your culture. A series of bad-fit clients can make your team feel unprotected – they have to manage the projects of disrespectful and…

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